Anna Goldberg

So you want to make your first tabletop role playing game? Come learn
how to transform a story idea into a playable game with Anna Goldberg
of Six String Games. You’ll learn about brainstorming ideas,
developing meaningful game mechanics, playtesting, and publishing a
game, with plenty of time for Q&A after. We’ll go over some common
design pitfalls and how to get around them, working with SRDs, and
getting your game to the table so your players can have the time of
their lives.

Speaker Details
    Speaker Details

      Writer, editor, and geek of all trades. In addition to 6 String Games, they have worked with Zweihander RPG, Mage Hand Press, and DOTS RPG making games and game-related content of all sorts. Prior to that, Anna worked as a bookseller, research fellow in Early American Literature, and actor in Gainesville, Florida. She now resides in the Pacific Northwest, in a bog witch’s dwelling she shares with her husband and their two dogs.

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      May 28, 2023
      11:00 am