Tommy Rice

For aspiring creators of books, movies, and games the following questions seem to be the most frequent: How do I start? Where do I start? For how long? And how do I find my genre? Let Tommy Rice get you on the right track. Come join Tommy Rice, the author of the Lok book series, ex-Football player, game designer, and actor. He has worked with and made games for some of the best in the business. Now he explains to you how to do it. He gives steps and points as well as inspiration in taking your concept and creating a reality! Tommy will go over his book, his years in miniature gaming, and exclusive art for his new miniature game! Learning and working with Sebastian A. Jones, Stranger Comics CEO and writer of HBO’s new World of Asunda, Tommy will share great insights on how to take an idea from concept and then to creation. Using sneak peeks and sharing firsthand experiences from sports to games he will share tips and tools in this “Fun and Informative” Panel not to be missed, and EVERYONE will have a chance to win some cool stuff.

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