James Ernest

Game inventor James Ernest discusses how to use randomness in game design, from adding variability and challenge, to leveling the field for players of different skill. James discusses different types and applications of randomness, and the definitions of “fairness” and “fun.” James Ernest is an award-winning designer of tabletop games including board games, card games, collectible games, and casino games. 

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    James Ernest is a tabletop game inventor, best known as the founder of Cheapass Games. His games include Kill Doctor Lucky, Give Me the Brain, Lords of Vegas, and Pirates of the Spanish Main. He lectures frequently on aspects of tabletop game design. He has won several industry awards for game design and graphic design, and is a member of the Origins Awards Hall of Fame. James' latest enterprise is Crab Fragment Labs, a solo creative outlet for new games, design articles, and more. Find out what he's up to today, at crabfragment.com.

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