Who Runs ETX

Evergreen Tabletop Board Members
President Emeritus

M. Craig Stockwell

A tabletop gamer for nearly fifty years, Craig was the second leader of ETX after its founder, Patrick Day. An award-winning game designer, he’s proud to have taught at DigiPen Institute of Technology for several years, and has spoken at many conventions since his first panel at SDCC ’92. When not tabletop or video gaming, he enjoys cooking, traveling, and supporting both newer designers and former students.


Polo Schlemmer

Hello True Gamers! I’m Polo, the dashing, daring, courageous and caring President of Evergreen Tabletop Expo. Grew up in a household of 4 kids, so games were always in my life. I have over 15 years of experience in the convention scene and over 6 years in the Indie game scene. When I am not gaming, I am tending to my garden, fishing, or cooking up something in the kitchen

Vice President

Emilio Morales

Hello everyone, VP reporting for duty! I’m Emilio, founder of Renton City Retro and Dpad Retro Gaming. My mission is to provide the ultimate fan experience at any convention I’m a part of. I have over 15 years of experience in the convention world and am pleased to be part of Evergreen Tabletop Expo. I’m a Lover of all Video Games, Toys, and Comics. When I am not event planning, I am creating memories with my two kids on our Twitch Channel Gamingwithdad206. I love toy photography, Retro gaming, Tabletop, and long nights of Karaoke.

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